Programm 18. GI/ITG KuVS Fachgespräch Sensornetze FGSN 2019

Note for presenters: Please prepare for about 15 min of presentation and following 10 minutes of discussion.
The overall presentation slot should not exceed 25 minutes.

Presentation language may be either English or German.

The proceedings are available here:

Thursday 19.09.2019

Start End Action  
12:30 13:00 Workshop Registration  
13:00 15:00 RIOT-Workshop Marian Buschsieweke
15:00 15:30 Registration & Coffee  
15:30 15:45 Welcome Mesut Güneş
15:45 17:50 Session 1 Frank Engelhardt
15:45   Evaluating the Suitability of LoRa for Potato Storage Monitoring
Jan Schlichter, Björn Gernert and Lars C. Wolf
16:10   Ballistocardiography in Planes - Development Challenges for a Research Measurement System
Ulf Kulau, Nico Jähne-Raden, Thiemo Clausen and Tobias Jura
16:35   Resilience against Shipping Noise and Interference of the AHOI Acoustic Underwater Modem
Fabian Steinmetz and Christian Renner
17:00   Technical Report: Designing a Testbed for Wireless Communication Research on Embedded Devices
Kai Kientopf, Marian Buschsieweke and Mesut Güneş
17:25   Security for the Industrial IoT: The Case for Information-Centric Networking
Michael Frey, Cenk Gündogan, Peter Kietzmann, Martine Lenders, Hauke Petersen, Thomas C. Schmidt, Felix Shzu-Juraschek and Matthias Wählisch
17:50 18:30 Demo Session  

Evening Banquet & Table Soccer Tournament

At Daniels
Werner-Heisenberg-Straße 1, 39106 Magdeburg



Friday 20.09.2019

Start End Action  
09:00 10:40 Session 2 Kai Kientopf
09:00   A DTLS Abstraction Layer for the Recursive Networking Architecture in RIOT
M. Aiman Ismail and Thomas Schmidt
09:25   A Test Bench to Collect Electrical Appliance Load Signatures and Ambient Conditions
Daniel Şerbu and Andreas Reinhardt
09:50   Haptic Communication Latency in Large-Scale Wireless Mesh Networks
Frank Engelhardt and Mesut Güneş
10:15   Privacy-enhanced Authentication for the Internet of Things
Sara Stadler, Stefanie Gerdes and Olaf Bergmann
10:40 11:10 Coffee Break & Demo Session  
11:10 12:50 Session 3 Ali Nikoukar
11:10   Wireless sensor network for retrofitting production systems
Gordon Lemme and Kilian A. Nölscher
11:35   Towards Structural Health Monitoring using Vibro-Acoustic Modulation in the Real World
Peter Oppermann, Lennart Dorendorf, Benjamin Boll, Abedin Gagani, Nikolay Lalkovski, Chrisitian Renner, Marcus Rutner, Robert Meißner and Bodo Fiedler
12:00   Inline process analysis with wireless powered sensors
Ulrike Steinmann, Axel Hoppe and Jörg Auge
12:25   A Survey of Selected Evaluation Tools and Metrics for Low-power and Lossy Networks: A Simulation Approach
Saleem Raza, Ali Nikoukar and Mesut Güneş
12:50 13:00 Closing Mesut Güneş

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