TCoNS Program

Friday, October 02, 2020

Presentations will be held virtually via the video conference tool Zoom.

Start End Action  
10:00   Welcome Prof. Mesut Güneş
10:10 10:10 Session 1 Marian Buschsieweke
10:10 10:30 Evaluation of Interoperability Between Various Implementations of the Thread Protocol Stack
Sebastian Miethe and Silvia Krug
10:30 10:50 The PASTA threat model implementation in the IoT development life cycle
Andreas Wolf, Dimitrios Simopoulos, Luca D'Avino and Patrick Schwaiger
10:50 11:10 Enhancing Resilience in IoT Networks using Organic Computing: Challenges and Requirements
Dominik Weikert, Christoph Steup and Sanaz Mostaghim
11:10 11:30 Combined Certificate and Resource Discovery for Dynamically (Dis-)Aggregating IoT Processes
Frank Engelhardt and Mesut Günes
11:30   Lunch Break  
12:30 12:30 Session 2 Frank Engelhardt
12:30 12:50 IAL: An Information Abstraction Layer for IoT Middleware
Andrei Günter, Christopher Schwarzer and Matthias König
12:50 13:10 Application Layer Security for the IoT - Information Security for CoAP with LCap, Payload Encryption, and HMACs
Marian Buschsieweke and Mesut Güneş
13:10 13:30 Programming IoT applications across paradigms based on WebAssembly
Karl Fessel, Sebastian Zug and André Dietrich
13:30 13:50 Service Migrations in TSCH Network using Wireless Channel Estimation and Prediction
Ali Nikoukar, Saleem Raza and Mesut Güneş
13:50   Closing Prof. Mesut Güneş

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