Mobile Communications

MobComThis course introduces the fascinating field of mobile and wireless communications.

  • Introduction: applications, history, market vision, overview
  • Wireless Transmission: frequencies & regulations, signals, antennas, MIMO, signal propagation, multiplexing, modulation, spread spectrum, SDR, cellular system
  • Medium Access Control: motivation, SDMA, FDMA, TDMA (fixed, Aloha, CSMA, DAMA, PRMA, MACA, collision avoidance, polling), CDMA
  • Telecommunication Systems: GSM (HSCSD, GPRS), DECT, TETRA, UMTS/IMT-2000, LTE
  • Wireless LAN: infrastructure/ad-hoc, IEEE 802.11 (a, b, g, h, n ...), mobile QoS, Bluetooth, IEEE 802.15, ZigBee
  • Mobile Network Layer: Mobile IP, ad-hoc networks, routing optimization
  • Mobile Transport Layer: traditional TCP, proxy architectures, wireless TCP
  • Outlook: 5th generation, all IP-based networks, always best connected

This course is mainly based on this course of Prof. Dr. Jochen Schiller.


  • For master students only.
  • This course is limited to 10 students.
  • Only manual registration via mail to Kai Kientopf with the following information:
    • full name
    • official OVGU mail address
    • study course
    • semester


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