Marian Buschsieweke

Wiss. Mitarbeiter/-in

M. Sc. Marian Buschsieweke

Institut für Intelligente Kooperierende Systeme (IKS)
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg, G29-314


Artikel in Kongressband

Kientopf, Kai;  Buschsieweke, Marian;  Günes, Mesut 

Technical report - Designing a testbed for wireless communication research on embedded devices
In: 18. GI/ITG KuVS FachGespräch SensorNetze, FGSN 2019 - Programm : 19. September-20. September, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg - Magdeburg, S. 41-44 ; [Tagung: FGSN 2019, 19. und 20. September 2019, Magdeburg]


Begutachteter Zeitschriftenartikel

Buschsieweke, Marian;  Günes, Mesut 

Authentication for the web of things - secure end-to-end authentication between CoAP and HTTP
In: IEEE Xplore digital library - New York, NY: IEEE, insges. 5 S., 2018

Buschsieweke, Marian;  Günes, Mesut 

Securing critical infrastructure in smart cities - providing scalable access control for constrained devices
In: IEEE Xplore digital library - New York, NY: IEEE, insges. 6 S., 2018


Buschsieweke, Marian;  Günes, Mesut 

Access control for medical devices - tweaking LCap for health informatics
In: 2018 IEEE Globecom workshops (GC Wkshps) - Piscataway, NJ: IEEE, insges. 7 S.


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