Workshop for Scientific Writing

10.05.2019 -

On 10.05.2019, ComSys organized a scientific paper writing workshop for OVGU students. The workshop is held in MIOT-LAB with more than 10 participants.

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Press Release DoRIoT

01.07.2019 -


On the occasion of the successful kick-off meeting of the joint project DoRIoT, the OVGU issued a press release.



Anlässlich der gelungenen Auftaktsveranstaltung des Verbundvorhabens DoRIoT hat die OVGU eine Pressemitteilung herausgegeben.

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Kick-off Meeting DoRIoT

27.06.2019 -


We are happy to share the news of our BMBF1 funded research project DoRIoT. The kick-off meeting will be on Thursday, 27.06.2019 at the Faculty of Computer Science, OVGU, Magdeburg. The project team consists of colleagues from the University of Magdeburg (ComSys, CI, ESS), University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld, AKKA DSO GmbH, and Thorsis Thechnologies GmbH. In short, the goal of DoRIoT  is to study, design, and develop a »Dynamic Runtime Environment for Organic (dis-)aggregating IoT Processes«2.

 For more information see the project website3.

 1 German Federal Ministry of Education and Research

2 German »Dynamische Laufzeitumgebung für organisch (dis-)aggregierende IoT-Prozesse«

3 Website of the project:

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Masterverteidigung J. Ahmad

13.06.2019 -

Herr Jawad Ahmad verteidigt am 17.06.2019, um 17:15 Uhr im Raum 334 seine Masterarbeit

zum Thema:

"Enhanced CoAP Resource Discovery - Application Layer Interfaces and Highly Targeted Query Filters"

Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen.

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Accepted Paper WIJCS19


ComSys is pleased to share that our paper titled "Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks in Industry 4.0: Exploring Requirements, Protocols, and Challenges A MAC Survey" has been accepted in the Wiley International Journal of Communication Systems (Impact Factor: 1.717).

Web link of journal:

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Four New Student Assistants for Comsys

27.05.2019 -

We are pleased to welcome Elias, Fabian, Maximilian, and Benedict as new members of the ComSys team.

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Summer Term 2019

01.04.2019 -

ComSys is ready for the next semester. Check our teaching site!

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New team member

04.02.2019 -

We sincerely welcome Katja Nothnagel in our working group!

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