Four New Student Assistants for Comsys

27.05.2019 -

We are pleased to welcome Elias, Fabian, Maximilian, and Benedict as new members of the ComSys team.

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Summer Term 2019

01.04.2019 -

ComSys is ready for the next semester. Check our teaching site!

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New team member

04.02.2019 -

We sincerely welcome Katja Nothnagel in our working group!

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Paper accepted for WTS 2019

04.02.2019 -

Our paper Towards Tactile Wireless Multi-Hop Networks The Tactile Coordination Function as EDCA Supplement has been accepted for presentation at the Wireless Telecommunications Symposium 2019, held from April 9-12 in New York City, USA.

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18. GI/KuVS Fachgespräch Sensornetze hosted by ComSys

04.02.2019 -

It is our pleasure to announce that the 18. GI/KuVs Fachgespräche Sensornetze (FGSN19) takes place at the OvGU Magdeburg in 2019!

The event is hosted by ComSys.

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Comsys im Forschungsjournal der OvGU Guericke’18

26.11.2018 -

... im Forschungsjournal der OvGU Guericke’18 gibt es einen Beitrag über die Arbeiten der AG Comsys.

Link zur PDF Version

Der Beitrag ist auf den Seiten 34-43 zu finden.

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IoT Workshop: Introduction to RIOT

21.12.2018 -

ComSys and ESS will conduct a workshop on RIOT at the 21st of December.

RIOT is a free, open source operating system for the IoT. It was co-founded by Prof. Güneş (ComSys) and is now developed by a large community consisting of hobbyists, researchers and companies. RIOT currently has support for 137 boards including many popular boards of the Arduino family, IKEA TRÅDFRI modules, ESP32 and ESP8266 boards, and the BBC micro:bit. RIOT brings its own network stack supporting many popular IoT protocols in all layers of the network stack, including CoAP, 6LoWPAN, and IEEE 802.15.4.

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Accepted Paper in IEEE Access journal

09.11.2018 -

ComSys is glad to share that our paper titled "Low-Power Wireless for the Internet of Things: Standards and Applications" got accepted to publish in the IEEE Access journal (Impact factor: 3.55).

Access link:

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Accepted paper in the International Journal On Advances in Networks and Services, v 11 n 3&4 2018

12.10.2018 -

ComSys is glad to share that our paper titled" Time-Critical Data Delivery for Emergency Applications in Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication" got accepted for publication in the International Journal On Advances in Networks and Services, v 11 n 3&4 2018 under IARIA."

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