Thesis Topics

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 Bachelor Thesis Topics Status
Making CoAP QUIC: High Throughput and Low Latency Communication Using CoAP assigned
 Bachelor or Master Thesis Topics Status
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 Master Thesis Topics Status
Routing on TDMA-MAC with MAC Meta-Data assigned
Scalability and Performance of Network Coding in Wireless Multi Hop Networks assigned
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Finished Theses Author
Reverse-engineering a De’Longhi Coffee Maker to precisely bill Coffee Consumption Fabian Off
Received Signal Strength Based Indoor Positioning Using Bluetooth Low Energy Mansour Abboud
The Tactile Control Function Protocol Based on EDCA in IEEE 802.11n for Haptic Communication in Ad Hoc Networks Chenke Rong
Extending Battery Life by Emplying Fog Computing in CoAP Mo Shen
Artificial Intelligence Incorporation in Indoor Robots: Space Division and Detection Using Semantic Object Grouping Alpha Mary Skaria
Evaluierung der Sprache Rust zur Programmierung von Mikrocontrollern Tom Heimbrodt
Overcoming CoAP's Resource Discovery Limitations Jawad Ahmad
Li-Fi in Industry 4.0: Integration of Li-Fi Communication in a Factory Planning Laboratory Vasu Dev Mukku
3D Scan Applications in Logistics - Using CoAP with RGB-D Cameras Fabian Hüßler
 Haptische Kommunikation im MIoT-Lab: Ein Framework für hochskalierbare, automatisierte Netzwerkexperimente mit haptischen Daten Johannes Behrens
Secure IoT Device Commissioning Jana Eisoldt
Auswirkungen verschiedener Dienstgüten auf einen ”Peg in Hole”-Lösungsalgorithmus in einem Networked Control System Martin Popp
B.A.T.M.A.N Routing im Internet of Things Lukas Gehreke
CoAP-Feinstaubsensor Lars Hübner
Digital Representation for Web of Trust in Internet of Things Poorvi Mandyam Bhoolokam
Entwicklung eines Wavelet-Codecs zur effizienten Übertragung haptischer Daten Sophie Herbrechtsmeyer
Digital Engineering Project: Doriot DCA - Developing a light-weight database for hardware information for IoT Adarsh Raghoothaman, Divya Sasidharan
Swarm Communication in Space - Evaluating Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols for In-Situ Space Exploration Networks Fin Christensen
Software Updates for the Internet of Things: An Extension and Evaluation of the SUIT Implementation in RIOT Vera Clemens
Development and Evaluation of Safety-Aware Over-the-Air(OTA) Updates in the Factory Planning Laboratory Aravind Karri
The Pressure Fluctuation Monitoring System: Obtaining Accurately Synchronized Measurement From Multiple Sensors Using PTP And Bit-Banging I2C Pham Huu Quang
Experimentelle Evaluation des NABB-Protokolls im MIoT-Lab Jonas Rebbelmund
Implementierung und Analyse der Taktilen Koordinierungsfunktion im MIoT-Testbed Johannes Behrens
Bringing Modern C++ Concepts to RIOT OS Jens Wetterich
Secure Computing Environment for IoT Nodes Using RIOT Jana Eisoldt
Software Defined Optical Wireless Communication using On-Off-Keying on Microcontrollers for Less than One Euro Stefan Strell
 Interoperable zertifizierende Algorithmen auf eingebetteten Systemen Moritz Marquardt
Teleoperation of Quadrotor Drones using Haptic Devices Jon-Mailes Graeffe
Concept for a Web-of-Trust-based Certificate Management in RIOT OS Adarsh Raghoothaman
Simulation of Latency in Backhaul Networks for 5G Patrick Mrech

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